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We offer a wide range of services for Air Conveyors

•Project management

•Complete study, design and production

•Turnkey installation or supervision or commissioning


•Electric system

Control Panel
Ultrasonic Sensing
Junction Box
Linear electric actuator for CAM option
Pneumatic actuator for UBIC option
Engine options for Blower
Possible options for electrical system configuration:

• Blowers

ME Gravimetric filtering, with filtering up to> 5 μm.
HE Opacity Filtering, mainly with a filtrate of particles between 0.5 μm to 5 μm.
HEPA Filtration of High Efficiency Particles, the filtering efficiency is equal to or greater than 99.97% of the extraction of particles in the injected air, this corresponds to a diameter of approximately 0.3 μm.

• System control

AB micro logix / compact logix
VFD AB 525
Panel view AB 600 +

Audits for Air Conveyors systems

In order to provide a diagnosis and options to increase the efficiency of its lines.


Equivalent to readjustment, rehabilitation, repair, etc. for a positive change in the performance of its production lines.

Our main activity and product are: adaptation of the neck guide, as well as the lateral guide, programming updates, re-organization of existing lines and / or installation of new lines.

• Updating and modernizing lines.

• Corrective and preventive maintenance.

• Refurbishment in general of all brands.

• AIR CONVEYOR brands that have been retrofitted:

Among others

• Focusing on the following points:


The RETROFIT for a change of Collar Guide in the air transport system, can increase the efficiency of the Air Conveyor to more than 20%, which reflects a considerable saving in the following points:

• Energy Saving

Decrease of speed in blowers, up to 30%, which is directly reflected in the decrease in electricity consumption.

Due to reduced friction in the neck guide and increased efficiency in the movement of the bottle. Minimum contact of the neck of the bottle, with the neck guide.

• Increased production efficiency

Reduction of jams in the Air Conveyor, resulting in a more continuous production.

Because the bottle jams decrease, the filler requirement remains continuous without any stoppage.

• Decrease in periods of change

The wear on the neck guide decreases considerably, due to the low friction that is reflected in this material, this implies that the periods of change are longer.

Due to the decrease in wear of the neck guide, and the changes of neck guide sections resulting in more separated intervals of change.

To make a change of Collar Guide in any of the different brands of Air Conveyors, you have the following options:

Option 1:

If the Aluminum Profile has the appropriate adaptation to place the Neck Guide, it will only be replaced by:
• Collar guide ACCS 310 G (1)

Option 2:

If the Aluminum Profile does not have the appropriate adaptation of the Neck Guide, but the Air Conveyor has clamps in which the aluminum profile can be placed, the following material will be placed:
• ACCS Aluminum Profile (1)
• ACCS 310 G neck guide (2)

Option 3:

If the Aluminum Profile does not have the appropriate adaptation of Collar Guide and clamps to hold the aluminum profile . The adaptation of clamps will have to be made to the section of the Aerial Conveyor and will be adding Weld "studs" along the section to be able to adapt the new clamps. The following material will be placed:
•ACCS Aluminum Profile (1)
•ACCS 310 G neck guide (2)
•Clamps for ACCS Neck Guide (3)

The ACCS Aluminum Profile can cover up to 95% of the existing diameters in the market.

-The V shape of the Neck Guide and its aluminum profile counterpart, allow the Neck Guide to have no movement,stabilizing the bottle's travel through the system.

-ACC tools specially designed to place Neck Guide give the best result for the placement of this.

-There are 3 different types of Aluminum Profile:
• A notch
• Two notches
• Three notches

The different types of Aluminum Profile give us the versatility of reaching to cover most of the existing diameters in the market, giving the best solution to the client.

It is advisable to make a preliminary study, to determine what type of Aluminum Profile and Neck Guide, is the most appropriate for the system to perform RETROFIT.

Advantages of the ACCS 310 G neck guide:

Design to keep the minimum contact with the neck of the bottle.

Speed ​​reduction in blowers up to 20%

Reduction of Maintenance Periods.

Profile (aluminum or plastic):

• Long life span.

• The outline of the profile is designed for a perfect union.

• Can be assembled with any neck guide.

Easy to install / Maintenance with our installation and adjustment tools:

• Installation and adjustment is done only once.

• Easy replacement and no re-adjustment is necessary.


We offer a wide range of solutions in the lateral guides, from the manual side guide to the automatic for four positions.

Each level of lateral guidance can be equipped with:
• 2 or 3 positions of the cylinders, this for a multiformat configuration.
• Simple guide, a single format.


Manual adjustment on both axes.
The position of the clamps is adjustable along the side guide bracket.


2 Positioning cylinders, the stroke of the cylinder in the same way is manual adjustment.
The position of the actuators is manual adjustment on its axis and on the axis along the side guide bracket.


X axis with automatic positioning.
The movement preset of the actuadro is 1.0mm, the vertical positioning is adjusted along the side guide bracket.


X axis and Y automatic positioning.
The design of the cam system will be adapted to the customer's family of bottles. The lateral guide will be placed at the optimum point of each bottle.


X axis and Y automatic positioning.
EThe lateral guidance system CAM is designed for a multiformat configuration in a single level. The universal CAM system is adjustable up to 98% of the bottles in the market.

Other services

•System integration

• Modification of PLC program:

Increase efficiency in blower speed
Management of compensation zones by automatic change
Simplification of the operation screen

• Lay Outs Modification.

• System integration for production lines.

• Engineering and project development.

• Spare parts supply

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